Gerhard Theewen

Contributors: Gerhard Theewen
Salon Abonnement

Release dateJan. 1977
Format21 x 14,8 cm

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Nearly forty years have passed since Gerhard Theewen founded Salon Magazin with original contributions by young, some well-known and a few famous artists. Between 1977 and 1982, eleven issues were published – as well as a special, retrospective 12th issue in 1992 and in 2008 a complete reprint (2 volumes in a slipcase). In March 2016, Salon Magazin was revived – and is open again for contemporary art. All contributions will again take the form of double page spreads. The contributions will be printed in black-and-white only and arranged alphabetically by artist names. Salon Magazin again includes no essays and no editorial articles. Each year, 3–4 issues will be published. All contributions are created in 1:1 scale especially for the magazine as digitalized works for an analogue medium! This magazine is not glossy and high-end but a little rough as it was in the 70’s. Salon was and again is an artmagazine not ON art but AS art! Issue No.1 shows a collection of original contributions by Walter Dahn, Piotr, Dluzniewski, Reinhard Doubrawa, Pierre Granoux, Tobias Hantmann, Mischa Kuball, Talisa Lallai, Marcus Neufanger, Chris Newman, Peter Piller, Volker Renner, Patrick Rieve, Karin Sander, Roland Schappert, Dana Sherwood, Marcel van Eeden and Ecki Vespa. Issue No.2 shows a collection of original contributions by Curtis Anderson, Gerd Bonfert, Natascha Borowsky, Julia Bünnagel, Peter Buggenhout, Amadeus Certa, Mark Dion, Horst Münch, Hartmut Neumann, Marcel Odenbach, Werner Reiterer und Nora Schattauer. Issue No.3 shows a collection of original contributions by Heiner Blumenthal, Franz Burkhardt, Thimo Franke, Manor Grunewald, Lenia Hauser, Lukas Heerich, Tess Hurrell, Johanna Jaeger, Andy Kassier, Michaela Melián, Klaus Rinke, Daniel Roth, Natascha Schmitten, Johannes Wohnseifer.