Thomas Stammer

Contributors: Michael Wertmüller und Albert Oehlen

Release dateOkt. 2023
Languagesdt., engl.
Technical Details112 pages with numerous colour illustrations, most of them in colour. Text book (b) and 2 leporellos (c), each with thread binding or stitching.
Format31 x 23 cm

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In the book JETZTSCHEIBE, author Thomas Stammer takes the readers on a fascinating journey that traces the development of
holographic music visualization and the opera project D • I • E. MUSIC IMMEDIATELY TRANSFORMS INTO SPACE – a vision that
even ancient Greece already dreamed of. Thomas Stammer pursued this artistic motif since his project 9.81 – Music and Architecture. In 2001, an encounter with the Swiss percussionist and composer Michael Wertmüller in Los Angeles led to the idea of threedimensional music visualization. Almost twenty years later, artist Albert Oehlen, along with Rainald Götz, provided the inspiration for the opera project with the book D • I • E abstract reality (Holzwarth Publications, 2010). From this, the concept of JETZTSCHEIBE emerged for the conceptualization and performance of the opera D • I • E at the Ruhrtriennale in September 2021. JETZTSCHEIBE presents a deliberately heterogeneous collection of texts, emails with initial ideas, concepts, work reports, essays, photographs, and graphics, with the fundamental idea of exploring and shaping the deeper layers of time. The various moments and encounters create a rich thematic framework for the chapters of the book, allowing readers to trace the development of holographic music visualization and the opera project D • I • E.

The book JETZTSCHEIBE contains a bilingual text book (German/English) with 112 pages and 20 illustrations and additionally holds two accordion-fold inserts. The first of the 180cm long, 8-part accordion-fold inserts showcase the overall graphic concept of the opera and the evolution of musical visualization. The second photographic accordion-fold is an artistic adaptation of the opera's spatial concept for the book medium, presenting the light sculptures and ensemble performance in a 360-degree space.

JETZTSCHEIBE provides readers with an inspiring insight into this fascinating concept and aims to contribute to further developments in music visualization.