Bittermann, Caroline; Duka, Peter

Beiträge von: Artists: Carline Bittermann and Peter Duka; edited by Oliver Kornhoff, Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck

ErscheinungsdatumMai. 2013
Technische Detailshardcover


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The exhibition “geheim” (secret), presented in conjunction with the museum’s thematic year revolving around the “Artist-Ego”, is dedicated to the years long cooperative work of Caroline Bittermann and Peter Duka, as well as to the subsequent works of each as solo artists. From 1995 through 2004, “Bittermann & Duka” worked together on the extensive project “Die Dritte Kammer” (The Third Chamber). Within the frameworks of this project, they also created, among other things, the public park “die geheimen gärten rolandswerth” (the secret gardens of rolandswerth) for the sculpture garden along the banks of the Rhine in Remagen. “Die Dritte Kammer” is presented in the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck in the form of a retrospective, including the most important paintings and works on paper from the extensive project. In her own project „Jardins d’amis“, Caroline Bittermann once again picks up on the concepts laid out in “Die Dritte Kammer” and presents her portrait series comprised of more than 100 gouaches, as well as a film on her garden artwork in South Africa. Peter Duka’s series of paintings not based on any particular source materials carries on the tradition of rendering images of ruins within a romantic context – a strategy that already played a role in the works created together with Caroline Bittermann. Throughout the entire exhibition, secrets can be unraveled on various levels – nevertheless, some things remain “secret” and thus leave space for the viewer’s own imagination.