Mischa Kuball

Contributors: Gerhard Theewen (Ed.)
Die Photographie des Unsichtbaren

Release dateApr. 2019
Format21 x 14 cm

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The idea for a re_print of The Photography of the Invisible – vol. 31/32 in the series Occult World, with such self-descriptive titles such as Remote Sensing and Remote Effecting (vol. 8) and Mirror of the Soul (vol. 35) – was inspired by the critical observations of Galileo in the context of his solar disks from around 1617, as well as by contemporary debates regarding the concept of the simulacrum.
The role of photography at the beginning of the twentieth century was unintentionally artistic – conceptualized by occultism and symbolism – and the role of the apparatus ‘camera’ (see also Roland Barthes: Die helle Kammer / La chambre claire, Paris 1980) was thus also attributed the meaning and ability to depict the metaphysical, that which was not visible to the human eye.
A sense of trust, so to speak, in an alchemical process which is capable of eluding partial logic and which creates its own essentiality. In the re_printed volume The Photography of the Invisible, it is the concrete idea that two people simultaneously think of one and the same person and can be made permanent through the means of photography.
It is no coincidence that these thoughts emerge in an era marked by a search for meaning – between tumbling empires and proclaimed republics, as well as between the wars – which traumatize souls and increase the importance of psychological convergence: an era not unlike our own.
(Mischa Kuball, 11.2.2019)