Nora Schattauer

Work Flow

Release dateJan. 2018
Languagesdt., engl.
Format26,5 x 18,5 cm

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Nora Schattauer deals with painting on paper and makes pictures that represent nothing but themselves and raise questions due to the unusual procedure. For 17 years, Nora Schattauer has concentrated on working with mineral-containing solutions that, following an intrinsic logic, produce watercolor-like results. These are chemical reactions within the paper fibers that, alternating with artistic settlements, create a front and back image body: the image does not manifest itself but in the sheet. The colored picture drawings follow indirect methodologies, which make a research in the picture vivid. The plot remains contained in its presence, the slow genesis of the image process is based on an innovative technique with mineral salts, which deals with questions of development, delimitation and interaction. The book Work Flow follows the claim of making a contribution in the discussion about understanding the image, in particular discussing the relationship between ideas and material identities.