Franz Erhard Walther


Release dateApr. 2016
Technical Detailsbrochure with color-dustjacket
Format19 x 11,5 cm
Editionlimited edition of 100 with a separate colour bookplate, signed and numbered

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Franz Erhard Walther: "For me, the poetry compiled in Kurt Pinthus’ publication TWILIGHT OF MANKIND was a powerful linguistic counter-world to what we felt was the weak language of the fifties. It contained surprising verbal imagery rich in associations, and its force collided with the forms of the time, which we felt were weary and so sought after. It was also a return to history with its myth of expressionism, the radicalism of which I could link to the present. How fresh Jakob von Hoddis’ ‘End of the World’ and August Stramm’s verbal staccato seemed. Even Kurt Schwitters would not have been able to evade this!"