Nora Schattauer

Kristalline Bilder

Release dateJun. 2006
PublisherArtist: Nora Schattauer; edited by Gérard A. Goodrow; contributions by Gérard A. Goodrow, Jens Koerver, Ulli Seegers and Christoph Danelzik-Brüggemann
Format28.0 x 20.0 cm

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The works of Nora Schattauer are without a doubt “paintings”. When she drops various diluted mineral salt solutions with a pipette onto paper or specially prepared film or canvas and allows these to react with each other, this individual painterly practice is by all means marginal within the spectrum of contemporary art. And yet the results of this fundamental research into the formative forces of her materials – Nora Schattauer does not conduct this research as a systematic scientific investigation, but rather on the basis of numerous experiments documented in a large number of unique “sketchbooks” – are painterly images in the truest sense of the term. This is especially true of the works created since 2005, which are characterized by a richly differentiated green-blue spectrum, with their uniform, all-over structures reminiscent of woven fabric or network configurations. A comparison with the knot structures of Leonard reveals how freely and at the same time organically Nora Schattauer develops her intricately structured images. These are not crystallized as rigid structures; instead, in all of these works, a possibility of transformation remains open, each in its own special way. Transitions, mixtures – as well as a transformation of sorts – characterize the painterly works. Nora Schattauer’s pictures capture this state of flow in the sense that the substances caused to react with each other remain present in their own processuality, i.e. their ability to bring forth ever new nuances of form and colour.