Ulrich Moskopp

Contributors: Artist: Ulrich Moskopp; edited by the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, Munich; contributions by Gerhard Theewen and Wilhelm Warning

Release dateApr. 2009
Format32.0 x 23.7 cm

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The publication documents five versions of the KREUZWEG (Stations of the Cross) by Ulrich Moskopp. From the decagon of the Church of St. Gereon in Cologne via the Hotel Arabella Sheraton in Munich and the gallery von maltzahn fine art in Munich, to the Jesuit Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn, to whom the KREUZWEG was donated in 2008. Ulrich Moskopp’s painting installation is comprised of 14 pictures (each painted with a mixture of resin and oil paint, which was applied to the wooden picture carrier and subjected to gravity, and set in black frames and subtitled with the Roman numerals I – XIV) and one light, glistening- iridescent picture in a white frame titled ZWEI FARBEN SÜDEN (Two Colours South). As a result of the specific flow properties of the resin, the colour mass dries in such a way that associations to nature are evoked, which are reminiscent of landscapes, caves, veins, mist rising in the mountains or electrical discharges. The viewer’s gaze passes over the shiny surface of the paintings, through the layers of colour and into a pictorial depth, out of which the mystery of light radiates.