Wortelkamp, Erwin

Contributors: Artist: Erwin Wortelkamp; edited by Oliver Kornhoff and the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck; contributions by Norbert Hummelt, Karen van den Berg, Tilo Schulz, Sarah L. Schuster, Werner Fritsch, Heike K. Barath and Kim Wortelkamp
Erwin Wortelkamp: hier und dort

Release dateFeb. 2010
Format23.8 x 16.8 cm

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“Sculptures search for and find their own sites.” This artistic credo of the sculptor Erwin Wortelkamp (b. 1938) is the starting point for the exhibition “hier und dort” (here and there). The artist constantly “re-arranges” his sculptures and drawings outdoors and indoors. In doing so, he creates surprising and exciting sculptural statements, which take over the respective spaces and cover them with a delicate network of interrelationships. “hier und dort” addresses three of these special spatial situations: One is the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck and the other two the Erwin and Ulla Wortelkamp Foundation with its “Haus für die Kunst” (House for Art) and its new “Depositum” (Depot), a “Schaulager” for the works owned by the foundation, which was inaugurated in the occasion of the exhibition. The selection of works reveals fundamental questions revolving around Erwin Wortelkamp’s highly diverse sculptural oeuvre and addresses central themes, such as fragility, stability, balance, tranquility and vitality. An equally exciting topic revolves around the question of the relationship between the sculpture and the space in which it is installed, between the sculpture and the architecture, the sculpture and the viewer.