Bohnenberger, Stefan

Contributors: Artist: Stefan Bohnenberger; Interview by Josef Schlecht
Hinten sein – Vorne dasein / Derrière l’etre – Devant l’etre-ici

Release dateJan. 2012
Format18.0 x 12.5 cm

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20.00 €
The most recent peepshow boxes The intensification of being within existence through the nullification of the self (first reflection on the beach) The self is existence, but being is existence + the non-self (second reflection on the roof) More being than existence Franko Bollo’s first spaghetti-space A design for rumpled peepshow boxes A model for the expansion of the Atomium The SELF = NON-SELF:1 It doesn’t matter to the 1 if we tremble or not It doesn’t matter to the 1 if we fall for sad paradoxes or not If the 1 is missing, life is missing Porous self (Josef Schlecht interviews Stefan Bohnenberger, pages 27 & 28 in the booklet) The poetisation of the world S.B.’s art lies somewhere between Karl Valentin’s humour and Columbo’s detective logic.