Burkhardt, Franz

Contributors: Artist: Franz Burkhardt; edited by Sebastian Brandl; contributions by Annett Reckert and Claire Daigle
Franz Burkhardt - Meuschemen

Release dateJan. 2012
Format28.7 x 22.5 cm

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„To gain inspiration for his drawings, Franz Burkhardt wallows in the trivial trash of flea markets, which somehow always seem the same no matter where they take place. Illustrations from old books, magazines, brochures, comics and record covers are all potential source images. In his sculptural work, it is once again things taken from everyday life, which, in his earlier works, he ‘thrashed’ in the truest sense of the word with a more or less brutal gesture; today, it is more a kind of ‘refurbishing’, with which he integrates the objects in cleverly installed interiors. When Franz Burkhardt draws, his source images lead to more or less erotic, domestic – and thus trivial – scenes, which are as simultaneously boring and exciting as the daily acts of dressing, washing up and undressing. Throughout all of his works on paper one thus finds a tongue-in-cheek treatment of intimacy and privacy, of norms, desires and fears, which hang on the accoutrements of our individually furnished representational spaces. At the same time, he also makes reference to his own home in Meuschemen, the small Belgian town where he lives and works. The use of old visual material undoubtedly leads to a dash of nostalgia. With his wistfully evocative view of such objects and images, he brings them into the present while simultaneously robbing them of their original context.” (Annett Reckert, „Formerinnerungsvermögen“, 2011)