Chris Newman

Contributors: Künstler: Chris Newman
In Memory of the Living and the Dead / In Erinnerung an die Lebenden und die Toten

Release dateMai. 2014
LanguagesDeutsch; Englisch
Format24,0 x 16,5 cm

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"These 7 essays, written from March 2008 to October 20010, deal with the work of Joseph Beuys, Ludwig van Beethoven, Bruce Nauman, Glenn Miller & Morton Feldman, Misha Ullman, Oswald Newman (my father), Wandelweiser and the concept of conceptualism. The essays are an attempt to move through the existentiality of art, making trans-media comparisons to get to the essence of its real reality. I use the artists and the art-situations they created to joint my thoughts onto, thus creating a kind of hinged dialogue with these souls." (April 24, 2014)