Hopf, Alexandra

Contributors: Artist: Alexandra Hopf; edited by Gerhard Theewen
Alexandra Hopf – In Limbo, Where Else

Release dateMai. 2011
LanguagesEnglish, German
Format21.5 x 14.0 cm

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The book "In Limbo, Where Else" strives to balance an intermediate state of a book that can both be read and viewed as a conceptual reversed object. The book is camouflaged as a notebook. It contains nine short stories whose narrator is characterized as an anti-flaneur driven by his restlessness and ambiguity. The non-linear narrations of his dystopian journeys obviously deny certain laws of fiction writing. The narrative continuously follows a different junction, thus evoking a constantly changing focus in order to trigger the flow of inner images. Deception, paranoia and absurdity are woven into the text like ornaments. Interlaced are also the titles of the author's artistic oeuvre emphasizing the self-referential nature of the book.