Granoux, Pierre

Contributors: Artist: Pierre Granoux; contributions by Paul B. Franklin, Aurélie Noury and Robert Krokowski

Release dateMai. 2011
LanguagesGerman, English, French
Format24.0 x 24.0 cm

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"In his depot of bottle racks (Hérisson), Pierre Granoux presents excerpts from his pictorial index and registry of titles gathered during strolls through the digital bazaar. As a found object of Modern Art, the bottle rack is, via the Internet, collected, exhibited, consecutively numbered and lettered in countless variations. "As a warehouse catalogue, the registry of titles in his “Readyweb Archives” comprises an index for empty bottle racks – but also a checklist for the art of misappropriation. Since Duchamp introduced a bottle rack into the canon of art in the form of a ready-made, every variation of the exhibition of a ready-made says: This is not a bottle rack. Since Granoux introduced ready-mades into the canon of art in the form of scanned bottle racks, every variation of the artistic processing of a bottle rack says: This is not a ready-made. "Granoux is not a Modernist. And the artist book by Pierre Granoux demonstrates as a work of contemporary art that modern collections are more than a mere depot for completely drained and emptied bottles.” (Robert Krokowski)