Doubrawa, Reinhard

Contributors: Artist: Reinhard Doubrawa; Contributions by Maria Anna Tappeiner

Release dateJun. 2013
LanguagesGerman, English
Format22.5 x 16.8 cm

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100.00 €
Almost everything about Reinhard Doubrawa’s is coincidental – except for the artist’s gaze. Coincidental in the sense of accidental, chance encounters, discoveries and found objects and situations. Behind this is the inner willingness to see something and capture it with the camera. It is usually the first glance that counts with Doubrawa and later becomes the shot that becomes a printed photograph. He titles these with simple, descriptive terms, a process of classification and memory, which takes place spontaneously and intuitively. Arranged in alphabetical order, proximities and dialogues emerge, which evades any preconceived arrangement based on personal preferences or chronology. The depot as a virtual storage facility, but also as a fund, which serves Reinhard Doubrawa time and again as an source of inspiration for his installations and objects. (Maria Anna Tappeiner)