Schön, Eva-Maria

Contributors: Artist: Eva-Maria Schön
zwei und dazwischen

Release dateJul. 2013
LanguagesGerman, English
Format28.5 x 20.0 cm

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The artist book by Eva-Maria Schön presents opposing media: painting and photography. Between these lies the period of time from the creation of the photograph to the new concept of liquidity (painting). The photograph is always first. Like a tidal wave, the brushstroke alters the landscape and the canals, which fill up with water at high tide. With the skyscrapers of New York, which she photographs from below with central perspective, the contemporary brushstroke lies over the black-and-white photograph from the past. Like a weather front, the brushstroke transforms the facades of the houses - their windows now lie beneath a haze of colour. Black-and-white is part of the photographic moment, colour of that of the gesture of the paintbrush - layer for layer.