Oliver Czarnetta

Contributors: Artist: Oliver Czarnetta; Contributions by Claudia Cosmo

Release dateOkt. 2013
LanguagesGerman, English
Format27.5 x 23.5 cm

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"As guardian of his own artistic production, which is normally-time consuming and marked by preparatory and testing phases, Oliver Czarnetta relinquishes control here, giving space to chance and surprise." "Quick and wild thinking demands a corresponding working method. Czarnetta pulls together everything he finds and brings it quickly and instinctively in form. In this respect, the artist’s studio is an ideal treasure trove. Resin, humour, glue, toys, rummage from the flea market, concrete, philosophy, wood, nails, shards, photos, antique pewter figures, associations, stranded goods or cans are the materials, from which the "Seitensprünge" (affairs) are made. Nothing has but one identity; everything can be something else."