Kriz Olbricht

Contributors: Dietrich Roeschmann

Release dateDez. 2023
Technical Details128 pages throughout b&w illustrated and 18 colour stickers, kept in DIN C4 envelope, which is bound as a cover around the book.
Format23 x 16,5 cm

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30.00 €

Blackbook is an object and documentation, the room, collection and presentation. The artist book Blackbook by Kriz Olbricht entitled views of his artistic work with his photographic notes of everyday observations. The publication forms a visual topology that goes beyond an exclusive documentation and represents processes in which design and finished work are equivalent. The BlackBook-under graffiti writer: inside a book that combines sketches and designs as well as photographs of existing works-thus serves reflection and presentation alike. Kriz Olbricht's book sees himself as an extended thought and reference room, as a snapshot between past work and new approaches. The design of Blackbook was created in close cooperation with the graphic artist Marius Schwarz and emphasizes the handling as an object. Seven essays from Dietrich Roeschmann complement the visual design with intellectual spaces and put the artistic work in relation to each other and the environment.

Realized with a promotion of the NRW art foundation.