Marco Zumbé

Contributors: Dora Cohnen, Arne Reimann
Published by: Gerhard Theewen

Release dateMai. 2023
PublisherGerhard Theewen
Languagesdt., engl.
Technical Details88 pages with colour illustrations plus an inserted booklet of 16 pages
Format26 x 19,4 cm

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"By transforming his paintings back into the three-dimensional, Zumbé concretises the transformation and actually forms the spatial: an abstraction world in ceramics. Its materiality becomes the new main character of Zumbé's works. The term "pattern" can be seen as something unconscious, psycho-analytical. In Zumbé's work, however, patterns are actually taken from templates in catalogues, from interior decorations and wallpapers from different decades - domestic documents of attitudes to life, ways of looking at things and perspectives. Zumbé rearranges them and gives them new forms and characteristics. He tries to make the abstract recognisable and to abstract the real - and thus addresses a profoundly human need: The transference of oneself to one's living space, the attempt to embody oneself spatially, to identify with one's environment, to aestheticise and curate it."

Excerpt from the catalogue text "Irritation and Transformation" by Dora Cohnen