Contributors: Galerie Martin Kudlek
Oskar Holweck

Release dateFeb. 2022
Technical Details50 pages with numerous, partly full-page color illustrations.
Format28 x 20 cm
EditionEssays by Ulrike Schmitt-Voigts, Simone Schimpf, Petra Oehlschlägel

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Oskar Holweck, known as a pioneer of paper art and a committed author of basic teachings, has another, previously undiscovered side: from the very beginning, he was part of the core of the zero avant-garde movement, which took all of Europe by storm with its art. Heinz Mack and Otto Piene held Holweck's extraordinary work in the highest esteem, so that his works on paper could not be missing from any important exhibition during the active zero period, 1958 - 1966. Holweck was thus represented with his works throughout Europe and the usa. Only after many years did the artists meet in person for the first time, since private and professional reasons prevented Holweck from traveling and he hardly ever left the Saarland.
Using original documents still available in various archives, the following will reconstruct how the artists nevertheless succeeded in establishing and maintaining contact, and what role Holweck played in this widely ramified international zero network.

Ulrike Schmitt-Voigts