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“Walden” documents a new group of works comprised of paintings, videos and photographs by the artist Alexander Braun (b. 1966, lives and works in Bonn and Dortmund). Corresponding with the experiences of nature described by David Henry Thoreau in his book with the same title (Walden, 1854), Braun’s works revolve around the (self-)reflection of the individual in the face of nature. Whereas the new videos and the photographs are located on a more narrative/performative level, the paintings, created with Indian ink on primed wooden surfaces, lose themselves in stimulating networks of tree trunks, branches and twigs – a nature immanent discourse on growth and decay…

Including a catalogue raisonné all works from the series through 2007.

See also the corresponding artist book also published by Salon Verlag: Alexander Braun – “Life in the Woods”.

Jan 2008
Artist: Alexander Braun; contributions by Oliver Zybok
Languages: German
80 pages, 144 colour illustrations, Format: 30.5 x 22.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-293-6

| € 20.00
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