Volto Santo Installation St. Paulus, Düsseldorf - Cover

Volto Santo Installation in St. Paulus, Düsseldorf

The “Volto Santo” installation, realised for the first time in 2007, takes as its theme the mollusk silk cloth of Manoppello. In the transposition and representation of the possible interpretations of this legendary image, documentation, light, sound and space are all intertwined. Contact can thus be established to that which tradition calls the true image (the “Vera icona”) of Christ. Historical-theological texts, an interview with the artist and statements from visitors are juxtaposed with photographs of the video and sound installation, which takes as its motif the “image and gazes of love”.

Mar 2009
Artist: Ulrich Moskopp; edited by Ansgar Steinke; contributions by Ansgar Steinke, Ernst Dassmann, Margareta Gruber, Susanne Koerber and Ulrich Moskopp
Languages: German
c. 24 pages, stapled
Format: 29.7 x 21.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-341-4