Thomas Böing - cut out - Fotoarbeiten 2008 – 2010 - Cover

cut out

Fotoarbeiten / Photo Works 2008 – 2010

Thomas Böing (b. 1963) studied sculpture at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf, becoming a Master Student in 1993. At the centre of his artistic interest has always been space and spatiality in the broadest sense of the terms. The monograph “cut out” is dedicated to his cut-out photographic works. Böing removes door and windows or other objects, such as pictures on the walls or works on exhibit in museums, and thus opens up the photographic surface, transforming this into real space, which is defined by the present or absent bodies within this: “The strangely indefinite space in the cut-out surfaces – on the one hand more spartan, on the other hand automatically with more depth than in the photographs themselves – leads into the space behind the picture, the space within the figure: an internal view, a view through and an illumination at one and the same time. Within that, which it is, as impossible as it is truthful.” (Gerhard van der Grinten)

Jan 2011
Artist: Thomas Böing; edited by Kudlek van der Grinten Galerie, Cologne; contributions by Gerhard van der Grinten, Daniel Kothenschulte, Hans-Jürgen Lechtreck, Kerstin Stremmel and Ulrike Surmann
Languages: German, English
c. 84 pages, 33 colour illustrations, hardcover
Format: 25.0 x 29.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-384-1

| € 25.00
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