Sofi Żezmer SIGHT SEEING - Cover


Die Dinge blicken zurück - Objektkunst im Zeitalter der Smart Materials

“Sofi Zezmer’s objects are vibrantly colourful and polymorphic. Yet as playful as they may seem at first sight, on closer inspection they reveal a great level of seriousness:

“Colours and forms come together deliberately. The things themselves have been taken out of their context and denied their original function; the viewer is tempted to recognize something, but cannot put his finger on just what it is and, in the context of the forms and colours of the other works within the same space, takes pleasure in the act of seeing itself on a sensual, witted level.

“Very few artists are capable of visually and intellectually stimulating the viewer in such a manner.” (Isa Bickmann,

Feb 2012
Artist: Sofi Zezmer; edited and with contributions by Ludwig Seyfarth
Languages: German, English
72 pages, 48 colour illustrations, hardcover
Format: 22.5 x 16.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-402-2

| € 24.00
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