Ray Johnson: I Like Funny Stories - Cover

Ray Johnson: I Like Funny Stories

The Collection of Maria und Walter Schnepel

The New York Times dubbed him “the most famous unknown artist in New York”. And Ray Johnson (1927-1995) has in fact remained an insider tip for many years, although he participated in an intensive dialogue with the most important artists of his day, from John Cage to Andy Warhol, and the influence of his work on contemporary art cannot be underestimated.

Ray Johnson is considered the father of Mail Art, a master of the collage and a precursor of Pop Art. Yet all these labels do no justice to this relentless artist, who like no other remained true to his own fundamental concept of understanding and practicing art as a communicative process beyond the constraints of established institutions.

The exhibition in the Weserburg Museum in Bremen presented approximately 170 works by Ray Johnson from the collection of Maria and Walter Schnepel, Bremen, considered one of the most important collections of his work throughout Europe.

Jun 2012
Artist: Ray Johnson; edited by Carsten Ahrens and Ingo Clauß; contributions by Carsten Ahrens, Ingo Clauß and Walter Schnepel
Languages: German, English
128 pages, 49 colour and 46 b/w illustrations, English broschure
Format: 28.0 x 22.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-415-2