Peter Duka: 2004-2007 - Cover

Peter Duka: 2004-2007

The at all times fragmentary and fragile composite character of the architecture of ruins refers not only to that which has been built and constructed, as well as to the artificiality that characterizes such scenes. As a result of their constantly being combined with the same or similar architectural elements to create surreal hybrid buildings, it also becomes increasingly clear to which extent Duka’s architectonic structures are actually conceptual matrixes: textures, whose horizons extend from the crumbling rests of a failed Modernity all the way to Novalis. Above all this – as though they, too, were frozen in time – float orange-red luminescent Baroque banderols, albeit completely devoid of text. This is only logical, since the pictures themselves are the text, which can only unfold its imaginative power by remaining illegible.

Sep 2008
Artist: Peter Duka; contributions by Stephan Berg
Languages: German, English
32 pages, 1 b/w and 15 colour illustrations, English broschure
Format: 26.5 x 21.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-294-3

| € 15.00
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