New Release! - Cover

New Release!

For several years now, the artist Carsten Recksik, who lives and works in Munich and London, has been collecting the press texts of all the art exhibitions he has visited. The texts, which were published by galleries and museums to provide information to the press, exhibition visitors and other interested parties, have often served as a source of inspiration for his own works. In “New Release!”, he not only brings this loose collection into one unified compilation, but also replaces the names of the artists mentioned with his own name.

“New Release!” is constantly growing, since Carsten Recksik continually adds the new press texts of exhibitions he visits to his “opus”.

Feb 2010
Artist: Carsten Recksik; contributions by Stefanie Manthey
Languages: English
59 pages, one colour illustration, linen binding
Format: 18.5 x 12.5 cm
Consecutively numbered, hand-printed and hand-bound book.
The book is continuously expanded with new texts!

ISBN 978-3-89770-352-0

| € 50.00
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