Nachdenken über ein totes Pferd. - Cover

Nachdenken über ein totes Pferd

From 7 July through 29 September 2007, the Kabinett für aktuelle Kunst in Bremerhaven presented the exhibition “Norbert Schwontkowsk: Nachdenken über ein totes Pferd” (Reflecting on a Dead Horse). The publication, which was planned while the artist was still alive, assembles illustrations of the ten works on view in the exhibition: one oil painting rotated by 90° counterclockwise, which the depicts the distinctive window façade of the exhibition space (which was incidentally the model for Blinky Palermo’s mural there in 1969), as well as nine portraits depicting Blinky Palermo in oil.

The exhibition was an homage to the work and personality of Blinky Palermo – as a result of the unexpected death of Norbert Schwontkowski, this publication is now an homage to the works and personalities of two artists who died prematurely: Blinky Palermo ( 2 June 1943 – 17 February 1977) and Norbert Schwontkowski (29 April 1949 – 14 June 2013).