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Joachim Manz – Bauspiele

“Bauspiele”: With this ambiguous title – a play on the actual German word “Beispiele” (examples) and the invented word “Bauspiele” (architectural games) – Joachim Manz invites the viewer on the occasion of the Arp Museum’s “Year of Architecture” to discover his various miniature architectural models. He uses the rooms of the late neoclassical train station in Rolandseck, which houses the Arp Museum, as points of reference, in order to play here with realities, dimensions and expansions on architectural worlds. His sculptures make use of a rigorous and plain architectural language. For these, Joachim Manz uses construction materials, such as fine-grained concrete, glass, bricks and tiles, which also play a significant role in real architecture.
With the help of the finest reinforcements and the least amount of supports, he creates extremely thin architectural structures – similar to instable houses of cards – which one is tempted to save from collapsing. Joachim Manz’s “Bauspiele” are buildings without purposes, which are raised to the status of autonomous sculptures and demonstrate their special qualities especially in the interplay between the historic train station in Rolandseck and the modern extension created by Richard Meier.

Aug 2012
Edited by Oliver Kornhoff; contributions by Oliver Kornhoff, Jutta Mattern and Wulf Herzogenrath.
Languages: German
c. 88 pages, 58 four-colour illustrations, English broschure
Format: 23.8 x 16.8 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-418-3

| € 18.00
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