Helge Hommes - quod sumus- hoc eritis

Helge Hommes: Quod sumus – hoc eritis

“…the lineaments of the trunks and branches and the empty space challenge each other, make each other alternately visible. A trunk, with the emptiness as its robe; the bright space with dark bones, spine, skeleton, structure.

The bare structure of the trees against the sky, the empty lines against the canvas. Both against the emptiness. The clarity and serenity of the reduction. A new, pure factuality: that, which is the case. Painting, organic processes. The drama of growth, brought to rest. To contemplation.”

(Matthias Bärmann)

Oct 2010
Artist: Helge Hommes
Languages: German, English
72 pages, 53 colour and 8 b/w illustrations, hardcover
Format: 28.5 x 21.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-379-7

| € 22.00
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