Heiner Blumenthal – open/close - Cover

Heiner Blumenthal – open/close

This first monograph on the work of Heiner Blumenthal presents large-scale paintings in conjunction with small-format drawings and b/w photographs. His works deal with the definition of the picture as a site, as well as with the question of the visibility and appearance of the picture within the context of the specific language of the respective medium.
His pictures always function with a latent complementarity, a simultaneity of the present and the absent.
By refusing a linguistic or otherwise recognizable categorization, they give birth to a non-conclusive process and thus address the act seeing itself as an independent activity.
With the works of Heiner Blumenthal, the viewer becomes engaged in a shift of perception, which, as in an endless loop, is constantly thrown back on itself.

May 2011
Artist: Heiner Blumenthal; contributions by Ludwig Seyfarth and Stephan Baumkötter
Languages: German, English
80 pages, 61 colour illustrations, hardcover
Format: 30.0 x 24.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-391-9

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