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DD Handon

Is there such a thing as “genetic” image memories? Can DD Handon’s penchant for natural motifs and landscapes have something to do with the fact that her great-grandfather was Andreas Achenbach, an important landscape painter from the Düsseldorf School of the 19th century? DD Handon sees her own art as a kind of “questioning of images”, which takes place within the medium of the image itself. Photographs are enlarged, rasterized, painted or processed and altered in any number of ways. The hunting for images in the media, which, in some cases, are consciously used inappropriately, produces ever new aggregate states. Quick and intense impressions are “decelerated” by the fact that they constantly appear from different perspectives, which in turn allows constantly changing images to arise – images that are latently contained with each picture and simply wait to be discovered “behind” the surface. This process, which also strives for a differentiation of material qualities and suggestions, is focused more than anything else on the material of the image carrier, which, in our increasingly digitalized world of images, is becoming more and more overlooked.

Nov 2012
Edited and with a text by Ludwig Seyfarth
Languages: German, English
80 pages, 60 colour illustrations, Broshure with American dust jacket
Format: 260 x 20.0 cm

ISBN 978-3-89770-425-1

| € 22.00
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