Jack Pierson

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Jack Pierson präsentiert "STARDUST"

ErscheinungsdatumApr. 2012
Technische Detailsgebunden
Format32,0 x 22,0 cm
AuflageMit beiliegendem farbigem Ex Libris des Künstlers (signiert, nummeriert) Auflage: 150


100.00 €

Actor Channing Tatum was portraited by Jack Pierson for the signed and numbered Ex Libris print. „I chose this old fan magazine as my book project because I like everything about it--the design, the printing and the photography. I love the subject matter--the stars we remember and the ones we do not. Men, who obviously held a place for a while in the evanescence of Hollywood and youth. I seek to preserve, come what may, the ephemeral.“ (Jack Pierson)