Reinhard Doubrawa

Beiträge von: Artist: Reinhard Doubrawa; contributions by Maria A. Tappeiner
Reinhard Doubrawa: News

ErscheinungsdatumMai. 2004
SprachenGerman, English
Technische DetailsEnglish broschure
Format29.5 x 21.5 cm


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Reinhard Doubrawa has been working since 1997 on his “News” Series, created after photos from the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel. It appears at first glance to be a contradiction to copy with pen and ink already existing transitory media images, which generally serve to support textual contents or to draw attention to a particular text. Reinhard Doubrawa divests them of their nature as transitory mass-produced items and translates them into an artistic form. The motifs provide a cross-section of society and recent contemporary history; politicians and celebrities appear, as well as anonymous laboratory attendants and consumers. The motifs range from the spectacular to the banal. Doubrawa succeeds in capturing the essential and thus makes us conscious of our own medial role as contemporary witnesses.