Ulrich Moskopp

Beiträge von: Artist: Moskopp, Ulrich
Volto Santo

ErscheinungsdatumSep. 2007
SprachenGerman, English
Technische DetailsEnglish broschure
Format32.0 x 27.0 cm


The installation documented here is based on video recordings of the Volto Santo (Holy Face), a thin shroud made of so-called sea silk (with mother of pearl filaments). When held against the light, the fabric is semitransparent and, at certain angles, reveals the image of a man’s face, which, according to tradition, depicts the true facial features of Christ. The shroud has been kept since centuries in the small Italian city of Manoppello. In its coupling of face, space and sound, the installation, like a piece of woven fabric, leads to a transposition of the inexhaustible ways of perceiving and interpreting the shroud. It is a contemplation of the unique image in a clever combination of documentation, light and sound. Together with an essay by Ulrich Moskopp, a kind of parallel world to the metaphysical aura of the installation takes form. All illustrations are from the realization of the installation in the crypt of the Church of St. Gereon in Cologne in 2007