Doubrawa, Reinhard

Beiträge von: Artist: Reinhard Doubrawa; contributions by Reinhard Ermen, Joachim Geil and Doris Krininger
Reinhard Doubrawa -ALLES

ErscheinungsdatumMär. 2011
SprachenGerman, English
Technische Detailshardcover
Format25.0 x 17.8 cm


25.00 €
“Reinhard Doubrawa explains the world” breaking it down into its component parts and making selected pieces of this the main protagonists. The techniques available to him for this concept are many and varied. Photography is a ubiquitous medium, although one cannot help but to wonder whether Doubrawa is perhaps interested more than anything else in the selected details; it is thus perhaps it is a process of cropping. The conceptual artist takes photographs, but he is not a photographer. He is not after images, but rather signs, which stand (if they stand for anything at all) for something absurd, for something everyday and banal. Who’s looking, after all? Cutting something out from the whole thus becomes a means of visualization. (Reinhard Ermen)