Moskopp, Ulrich

Beiträge von: Artist: Ulrich Moskopp

ErscheinungsdatumOkt. 2012
Technische Detailshardcover
Format29.8 x 21.0 cm


16.90 €
Philosophical painting for children, childish metaphysics for adults, book art, art book and cosmically comical children’s book in one. The “Ulivogel” on its journey of life. The goal is the entrance into another world, which, in this book, becomes more than real… Over the course of four years, the painter Ulrich Moskopp created a children’s book for all lovers of illustrated books, i.e. for readers from 0 to 123 years of age. With this lovingly “illuminated” picture book, the internationally acclaimed artist addresses for the first time an audience of children and youths, whereby their parents will also enjoy the charm of the humorous and friendly protagonists painted in an intensive watercolour technique. Together with the red "boy" and the blue "girl", the Ulivogel discovers the goal of goals… The elaborate book has been created with great attention to detail. Special attention has thus been given to the choice of natural paper, which lends the pages an attractive and pleasantly “haptic” character. The surprising perforations in the book and its cover catapult the story into ever new dimensions. The introductory text helps readers to understand the story by interpreting images the pictures.