Bohnenberger, Stefan

Beiträge von: Edited by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria
Wenn Werte Form werden

ErscheinungsdatumApr. 2009
SprachenGerman, English, Bulgarian
Technische DetailsEnglish broschure
Format21.0 x 13.6 cm


15.00 €
"Freedom, creativity and self-determination are fundamental forces when it comes to shaping a lively and vibrant society. The project 'Wenn Werte Form werden' (When Values Become Form) strives to become an example for this by mobilising creative skills for the transmitting of values. 50 artists from Bulgaria have taken on this task. The catalogue – in the form of a diary of the ‘anti-curator’ Stefan Bohnenberger – not only presents the works, but also the associated processes of exchange between the local art scene and the German artist.” (Rudolf Bartsch, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria)