Andreas Slominski

Beiträge von: Artist: Andreas Slominski; Edited by Sabine Maria Schmidt; Contributions by Hartmut Böhme, Beate Slominski, Marie-Luise Scherer, Sabine Maria Schmidt, Katrin Schumacher, Ingo Uhlig and Gerhard Storck
Andreas Slominski

ErscheinungsdatumMär. 2014
SprachenGerman, English
Technische DetailsEnglish broschure
Format32.0 x 21.7 cm


32.00 €
The impetus for Andreas Slominski’s exhibition is the long-term loan of works from the collection of Bärbel and Manfred Holtfrerich, from which a selection has found its way into the Kunsthalle Bremen. The collection comprises some 42 works, including small-scale works, sculptures and objects, editions, photographs and works on paper from various phases of the artist's work. The opportunity to show works from a private collection in a museum context in aesthetically optimal conditions and to make them available for a wider public was a primary motivation, as was the possibility to place the artist’s works into new categories and thematic contexts, stimulating new points of view about the work in general. The catalogue can also be understood as a further development and extension of the work beyond a mere documentation of the exhibition.