Michael von Biel

Beiträge von: Künstler: Michael von Biel; herausgegeben von Alexander Bell; Vorwort von Reiner Speck; Beiträge von Alexander Bell;

ErscheinungsdatumJan. 2000
Technische Detailsgebunden
Format28,0 x 21,0 cm


25.00 €
Despite all abstraction, this Cologne painter and draftsman must still be characterized as a representational artist. One of the remarkable features of his landscapes, city views (especially panoramas) and architectonic details is a high degree of reduction to essentials. Some of his pictures have the character of a "quotation". In this respect, his models would be William Turner, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and the photographer August Sander. As in Asian calligraphy, the seemingly spontaneous drawings and paintings are actually the result of long periods of mental preparation and concentration.