Painting, Polaroids and Drawings

More than any other artist, Andy Warhol had a knack for elevating the images and objects of ordinary life into artifacts of a collective consciousness. In the early 1980s, Warhol produced a series of paintings separately depicting guns and knives. As critic Robert Rosenblum notes in his introduction, such works reflected the dark side of Warhol’s mirror of America: „[…] while creating an inventory of […] superstars and supermarket favorites, [Warhol] also compiled an anthology of the American way of death, from car crashes and race riots to the electric chair itself“. Seen together, the knives are hunting and seductive.

Künstler: Andy Warhol; herausgegeben von Rafael Jablonka; Beiträge von Robert Rosenblum und Vincent Fremont
64 Seiten, s/w.-Abbildungen, gebunden, Leinen, Schutzumschlag
Format: 24,0 x 30,0 cm

ISBN 978-3-932189-65-4